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Idleback Story

Idleback Story

from Trevor Horner, inventor of the Idleback Chair

First and foremost the chair needed to be practical, in other words I wanted it for hunting and therefore wanted it to be comfortable, Solid enough to carry my 14 and half stone, light in order for me to carry it from location to location and perhaps most importantly to be able to hold rock solid for accuracy. It's taken quite a few months building, testing and changing to arrive at this stage.

Me, my brother Den and my mate Vin have been using the Idleback Chair for the last few months, all of us over 60 and all of us giving the Idleback Chair a resounding thumbs up. Although I started out to design a chair for myself for use on my night vision forays, I didn't set out to make the Idleback Chair look pretty, or to be jack of all trades and master of none. I simply wanted a chair that did the job. I knew that if I got a result, The Idleback Chair could be used for other applications as well, and I haven't been disappointed. My grand kids use the Idleback Chair as well so it is very user friendly.

As a lad I spent most of my teens out with dogs and ferrets, so after retiring from my printing business three years ago, and working in factories for 42 years, I couldn't wait to get outdoors for some fresh air.

My brother had an old break barrel .22 air rifle, I asked him if I could borrow it and from that day over 3 years ago, I've been hooked - My wife tells everybody she's a "shooting widow" ! I bet some of you have heard that before.

I have 2 rifles a Day state Air Wolf with Night Vision Scope and a Weihrauch HK100 for day shooting, however, over the years I've built up quite a bit of ancillary equipment and in particular several stools and chairs which over the years I've tried for comfort and efficiency out in the field.

I'll point out at this stage that I'm 60 years old (not old I know) but I have a few aches and pains that probably won't go away now, you know what I mean ! so comfort is very important. There's nothing worse than sitting fidgeting for a couple of hours waiting for rabbits, and then trying to stand up and get the old legs and knees moving again. Despite being really keen on my hobby, this can be a bit off - putting.

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Of all the vermin control I do, I enjoy the Rabbiting Best, and as you will probably know getting within air rifle range is quite difficult, even with the best field craft practices keeping still and quiet for a long period is very difficult for most people, let alone an old bugger like me.

I do most of my rabbiting in the winter months after dark with my Day state / Night Vision rig. The night vision scope is quite bulky and heavy and combined with the weight of the gun, the rig is quite heavy, so in conjunction with a stool or chair, I used an extendable bi pod to rest the gun on. Obviously using night vision means scanning through the scope in order to pick out rabbits as they appear, so holding the rifle up for a couple of hours is out of the question. The chair and bi pod were ok, but nobody told the rabbits they should appear straight in front of me, give or take a yard or two! Trying to move my arse in the chair and the bi pod to line up for the shot without making a noise and without being seen isn't easy, even at night, you've got the gist.

Hence the "Idleback Rifle Chair" with the chair I can sit for as long as I want in comfort. I am able to support the gun in the cradle scanning through the scope, turning 360 degrees if I want, Silently, and because I can balance the gun in the cradle I am able to rest my arms by letting go of the gun between scans. When an opportunity to shoot presents itself, the chair gives the equivalent stability, of a gun mounted bi pod resting on a bench, being able to hold steady to this degree is deadly accurate. When I've finished in one location I simply get up (legs and knees fine!) put the chair on my shoulder and walk to the next location, within a few minutes I can be sat again with the absolute minimum of disturbance. I've been field testing the chair with my brother Den and mate Vin "The Rat pack" for a few weeks now and since I started using the chair I look forward even more to my hunting expeditions, I expect the chair to extend my shooting career for many years to come. I have made the chair adjustable so that I can use it for "Sitty Tree" shooting. I use the chair when zeroing my rifle and for hours of target practice - in comfort.

My Grandson Charles thinks it's great as well, so it's not just for the "oldjuns".